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My System Specs


I have 4 MSI GTX 560 twin frozrs. Graet cards. Have all 4 of them running on a quad PCI-E board for folding@home. All 4 are running @950/1900 24/7 whithout any problems and the hottest card is 72c. (they do have 2 120mm fans on them...quad setups are tightly packed afairs)) Don't fall for the 460. It is cheaper and should be so...the 560 is a better card. As for the ATI card. I do not have one so offer no opinion. For reference..if you are into overclocking the card. I have 2 Gigabyte cards factory clocked @ 900/1800 running in an SLI setup. I can't get them stable @937/1875 with adding voltage. I think you will be happy with iether the Nvidia or ATI card.
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