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Originally Posted by CMetaphor View Post
The users that want maximum performance will buy, brand-new, the highest cpu/motherboard no matter what, once it comes out. They won't be the ones to cheap out and buy the lower-end motherboard.
The people you speak of won't be "cheaping out" and buying Bulldozer then.

Don't take that offensively in any way though since I am sure BD will be a good alternative against Intel's Nehalem / Bloomfield architecture.

The whole reason AMD does this "upgrade" thing is because their market is and will continue to be more budget-minded consumers. For the people who don't care how much they spend, Intel will continue to be the performance leader but their chips and associated motherboards come with a price.

Unfortunately, since AMD's specs that given to mobo manufacturers seem to change every week it is very hard for any to adapt their designs to meet their intended market's needs. Hence why I think this whole forwards compatibility thing needs to be rethought so it is MUCH simpler for the end user.
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