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Remember the AM2 mobos that were supposed to officially support AM2+ chips...and they fried as soon as you stuck one in it? The idea of AMD "platform longevity" is a great theory. Sadly the reality has as many holes in it, and as many caveats as the idea of Santa Clause (ie there is some truth to it...but the reality is completely different than the IDEA). AMD is almost as aggressive in releasing new new new as Intel is and they do it for the exact same reason: money. Hell in some ways AMD is worse. Not that long ago the 790 based mobos were their top of the line...yet you cant get TRIM on them with AMD drivers. :/

I just wonder what "issues" will pop up with THIS "+" generation. And how long before it is replaced with the next "new" series.

I honestly hope AMD has learned from past mistakes...but I sure as hell wont be the first to TRY it out. Rather spend the couple bucks (as lets face it...AMD mobos are CHEAP) and get new than risk it...and its not like the 6 cores they have out now suck or anything (I like my 1090T @ 3.8 )
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