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Wholeheartedly disagreed AkG.
The users that want maximum performance will buy, brand-new, the highest cpu/motherboard no matter what, once it comes out. They won't be the ones to cheap out and buy the lower-end motherboard. Those same people now get to buy a new processor and give their cheaper system a boost, while those same max. perf. users will buy the brand new boards when they come out along with the matching CPUs as soon as theyre released. This is excellent. Budget minded users still get to upgrade to some newer tech for cheap (since they don't buy high-end anyways), and enthusiasts still get their new whole platform. This isnt the same for intel... you don't seem them making a SB processor in 775 or whatnot . Just doesn't happen. AMD's platform longevity is still superior IMO.

Just to be clear(er): I don't like the same model#/two different boards thing. Thats just dumb, but thats also the fault of the Board manufacturers, not the fault of the platform or strategy itself.
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