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My System Specs


Thanks JJ, are you comparing that to my 8800? That's great if you could, the 8800 has been a good card no doubt. I'm just not sure how much of an upgrade I need to go to get fluid framerates again at 1920x1080 with mostly full eye candy on. I've got Crysis2 ordered, and I don't expect to run it on full with my old quad core cpu, and nothing overclocked, but I would like to futureproof myself a bit more. I tend to buy late generation hardware and keep it a few years. I currently have an AMD based motherboard also, but very old, and I likely won't ever go SLI.

If you guys are truly happy with ATI performance and drivers, I don't mind going with one, just hard to give up on nV when they've been so good to me. (I've owned at least 3 of em since 2002).

edit: just noticed that gtx is 768mb, i was looking for 1gb minimum.

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