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wow. I understand wanting cards out in a current, update, lineup in this price point but the fact is at current newegg prices the GTX 550 Ti is the same price as a ATI 6850. Even if you prefer to stay with the green team (personally I don't fan boy to one said or the other) then a GTX 465 would still be in the same price range and a overall better card. I can't personally see this getting this card (this is just IMO) when its the same price as far better cards from both sides, even if its price drops I doubt it will be enough of a difference to warrant this card existing.

Sapphire 6850 - newegg $174 USD
MSI GTX 465 - newegg $159 USD
EVGA GTX 550 Ti _ newegg $149 USD.

Edit: and of course I am from the US, so I understand pricing might be different in the north, just putting my opinion out there on the matter.

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