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GTX 570 - $310
Show me! The cheapest lifetime warrantied 570s are the Zotac, that come to $310 AFTER MIR...
Then, you get EVGA "glory" for $340 PMed...

I've seen some MSI "reference" cards with OCed BIOS, but there is a LOT of people having issues with unstable cards...I guess MSI should sell cards at stock clocks...

I might go back to the green team...I love my HD5870, and the HD5770 from the kid's rig..don't get me wrong... I have to agree that Hd6950 pricing is really appealing.

I really want to go dual-cards (my first try) but I'm scared of stuttering...REAL or RUMOR? Some people say that stuttering is REAL but unnoticed because of being concealed by high FPS...
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