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Originally Posted by Eldonko View Post
This is true if the HSF actually has a serial on it, but alot dont so they would never know if it was a different one as long as it is the same type.
I'll have to check mine tonight to see if it does...

Originally Posted by Eldonko View Post
And no, there is no way to tell if a CPU was fried because of the wrong thermal paste, excessive voltage, or similar.
Except for burn marks I suppose

You'd think that they'd have some sort of internal sensor that would be tripped for these though, given the number of RMA's they would see from overzealous overclockers.

It seems odd to me that they wouldn't have a built in monitoring system to tell if a processor was configured to run at a multi/fsb that is different from stock, or exceeded thermal specs.

I just bought a hard drive yesterday and it says on there that the warranty is void if the HD received a shock in excess of 300Gs. I'm sure they would have included some sort of G-meter in the unit. These things are cheap and you can pretty much buy them on a sticker.
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