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My System Specs

Default iMac 2006 upgrade


My iMac 2006 20" is starting to get really un-responsive and has very slow loading times from when the OS logs in to when I can do anything with it. I may have some optimization issues, but little to none that I can find. I haven't done anything in a 5 months to optimize, but I only use it for very light uses now (as I have a main PC now).

I'm looking at potentially upgrading some hardware to optimize it. My 2GB of RAM doesn't seem to be an issue as I'm pretty much never using more than 1.5GB at a time. My CPU doesn't seem to be a huge issue (unless there is something I'm missing) and it's a core 2 duo at 2.17 Ghz (I think, maybe higher?)... I'm thinking that maybe the HDD is getting on with age and swapping out the HDD will help out?

What do you think? Thanks.

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