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Default My AMD Gaming Cube/HTPC

Hey all, just thought id share a little build i did for a HTPC box that can also serve as a portable gaming cube. i didnt have the heart to sell my original 4870x2 (i bought this one new the day it came out) so i sold my used one i picked up and kept this one to re-purpose. another reason that helped me justify keeping it, was the fact that the 4870x2 has an audio chip on it, and can actually output sound via the cards DVI ports. to do this, it requires the special dvi to hdmi adapter that comes with the card. the rest is plug and play.

the computer is completely overkill for HTPC use, but i like the fact that i can game on my big screen LCD if i ever feel like it, and not have to worry that the card cant keep up (4870x2 can destroy almost anything @ 1080p.) here are the full system specs

Biostar A780L mATX motherboard, AMD 760G northbridge, HD3000 IGP
AMD Phenom II x4 940 Black Edition
Scythe Shuriken Rev. B
Corsair HX620
Sapphire 4870x2
Crucial Ballistix Tracer 2x2GB DDR2 800 with Red LEDs
WD Black 640gb

and a bunch of pics, sorry if some are a bit blurry, didnt have my tri-pod

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AMD HTPC/Game Cube|Phenom II x4 940 BE|Biostar A780L mATX|XFX 6790|2x2GB Crucial Ballistix Tracer 800|WD Black 640GB|APEVIA X-QPACK2 (red)
Racing Sim|Playseat Evo|Fanatec GT3RS v2| 55" Samsung Plasma
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