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My System Specs


Well, nVidia doesn't have a stutter problem in any games I've played. I can't confirm anything an ATI, but it sounds like it's getting better or may be fixed. Value wise, the 6950 scales better than the 570, so the 6950 is a much better route unless you need the extra processing power of the 570.

After switching over to a single GTX 570 on 1920x1080, the only games that I don't always get 60 fps: Metro 2033, Just Cause 2, Mafia 2 (physX on), StarCraft 2 (enthusiast settings 3.8 Ghz i7-930). I find all of these games are [very] playable at max settings, although Metro 2033 is on the fence for playable.

I do not support spending more than the price of a single GTX 580 for this resolution, but I might make a concession to the 6950 2GB (versus the 1GB model) if the 1GB model does not scale as well as they 2GB model, OR if you know you want to go 3-way down the road and tack on more resolution. SLI GTX 560 will outperform the 580 by about 25% on average, and 15% on the low end, so that's a better option than the 570.

Still, I can't recommend paying a $100-140 premium for the 580, but I highly suggest getting a single card set-up as it's really ******* annoying to run into games with poor SLI scaling or other problems (i.e. Just Cause 2 disables SLI scaling when you have a dedicated PhysX card installed...)
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