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Ur probably right on that ilya, I havn't bothered check up on that in forever. although ive already had a scenario with some old generic C2D borad from a gateway computer where max stable OC on the memory was higher on the recommended slots over the alternative set of slots...shouldnt be too hard to fix that up for mobo manufacturers tho.

anyways checked up on ur mobo and the noctua's dimensions (well deduced from that video and the p8p67 dimensions) and since ur motherboard has the ram slots about the same distance from the socket it should be quite a close call. id personally not take the risk and rather go with something I know will fit with more give.

the prolimatech megahalems with a pair of noctua fans should be just as quiet and effective imo and much less of a hassle. (also if u hadn't noticed that picture is of that cooler on same motherboard as u)

and if the megahalems (which is quite fat) fits pretty much most other rifle coolers should fit, and there are some quite good ones out there.
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