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First off, your board will fit the NH-D14. However that compatibility list assumes you are only using the primary memory slots, (blue ones on your board, further away from CPU socket) and you may also have to move the front NF-P12 fan to another location.

Second, the NH-C14 might not fit with your RAM, unlike what the video suggests. The tallest heatsinks the C14 was designed for were the Corsair Dominators, since very few sticks get any taller without ridiculously exotic cooling. The Reapers are a good centimetre taller. The reason the guy could fit the Reapers in the video was because the RAM slots were far enough away from the CPU socket, if you look closely the video shows that the Reapers are too tall for the C14.


Originally Posted by BrutalGreen View Post
its 2-4-6 is doable too but it will come with a performance hit although imo its quite negligible!
Using the wrong RAM slots doesn't have anything to do with performance, unless you count a no POST as a performance impact. 9/10 modern boards these days assume you might install a giant cooler like the NH-D14 and place the primary memory slots further away from the CPU socket for more compatibility since most people won't be filling their slots for a plethora of reasons.
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