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Thanks for the advice man :). After reading up on a bunch of SB reviews/Clarkdale reviews etc. I'm kind-of leaning away from IGP's. I mean there's this test here where it gets decent FPS w/ modern games, except there's an issue. It's not that it's on low settings, which as I said before doesn't matter much, but rather that it's at 1024x768. I mean, I'm gonna be doing 1920x1080, 1280x720 for older games (i.e. Halo) A *bit* extra graphics boost wouldn't do any harm. Not to mention that the best one (as you mentioned) only comes on 2500K and 2600K, which are like ~$220/$330 respectively. And holy crap the 5770 can be had for ~$100. Beautiful.

Still considering IGP's though... I mean dang, is the $100 well spent? It won't be for Crysis or anything, unless I use it to game on the TV, which doesn't sound like a bad deal...

Wait, hang on. For $220 I can buy a 5770 and an AMD Athlon II X4 600e and still have money to spare, hell an X4 640 or Phenom X4 840...Steal. Heck even if I were considering a 2600K with hyperthreading, I could pick up a 1055T/5770 and still have money to spare. Or mebbie just a plain ol' i5-750 or something and 5770. Win. Opinions?
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