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Default Sandy Bridge GPU vs. 1156 GPU vs. Mobo Integrated GPU vs. "Straight Up" GPU

So I'm building an HTPC for my family. Obviously, cost is somewhat of a factor as I am trying to keep this sub-$600. It will be used for some internet, movie/music playback (little to no encoding) and some light gaming. For internet, I'll be getting a wireless WiFi card of some sort, perhaps buy a motherboard that comes with it. Movie playback will be at 1080p over Blu-Ray. In-game eyecandy/graphics will be at maximum around Half-Life 2 level, but I just wanna make it decently playable; I don't want everything max'd but hopefully not 22FPS with minimal settings.

My questions pertain to exactly what the title reads. What would you guys recommend out of these options? Or perhaps will they all do the job just fine and it absolutely doesn't matter whatsoever? What would be the cheapest regardless of performance?

(sorry for rambling/potentially sounding annoying. Thanks for reading and info/feedback you may have)
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