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the HAF912 comes with one or 2 front 120mm fans (depending on which box u are getting) and a standard real 120mm. Its a great case, but it rly comes to life when u add more fans!

the silverstone is meh imo, just that compared to other silverstone cases its alot cheaper so basically its like ur getting a Hyundai with beemer badges at a Hyundai price, if u care for the badges but dont need a beemer then fine.

The Z9 PLUS actually comes with 4 fans (1 front, 1 rear, 1 top, 1 side), and it even has a temp sensor and a black interior and decent cabling for 55$. Some srs value there, just the styling is hideous according to me but some people might like it. One thing with this case tho, if u plan on not adding fans, transfer the top exhust fan to the side window intake to make a net positive pressure. This should help keep dust out a little better and since hot air rises it should easly get expelled from the top without the help of fans anyways!

Z9 or HAF912 are both great choices. You can't go wrong either one is fine!
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