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I would try phoning microsoft again, you will probably get a different person. During your phone call, make it seem like all you want to do is get Vista working again. Don't even talk about Windows 7. You own Vista, you need to get it working. They might be able to send you a disk, or even provide you with a download link when you give them your key. Once you have that, go from there.

I have my own question that I didn't really want to make a new thread for, so if it is cool I will ask it here. Almost every time I see people suggesting builds on websites like this one, it almost always involves an OEM copy of windows 7. Obviously this is to save money but what I don't understand is what happens when its upgrade time. The OEM license is tied to the motherboard right? If you decide you want to upgrade to Bulldozer or Sandy Bridge and have an OEM copy of windows 7, are you SOL or how does that work?
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