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Default Windows 7 upgrade problem

Alright, so I had Vista, then when 7 came out, I got the upgrade version.

Now I just got an SSD, so I tried installing a fresh copy of 7 on it, but when I tried to activate it, it said I only have an upgrade version and I need to install my previous version of windows before and then upgrade to 7.

So I said no problem, I'll install my vista and reinstall 7 over it.

The problem is, I found my vista DVD and it's completely scratched and it won't install at all...

So I called microsoft thinking maybe if I gave them my Vista product key, they could be kind enough to unlock my 7 product key or something. Well no, they tell me I have to buy a brand new windows 7

Is there any other way ? I've tried to unscratch my DVD and it didn't work
This is retarded as I have to reinstall my OS every 30 days....
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