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I know what Im going to do!!! Im going to hold off on buying a new video card and buy another 4GB of ram as you suggested, I;ve been meaning to buy another 4GB of the exact same ram before they discontinue it!
Another thing is I really want that stupid window on my case already, the grill just lets so much dust into the case.

When I have enough for a 6870 will people still want to buy a 5770 by then!?!?!?

Thanks for the suggestions Im so excited! I do a lot of video edititng and ETC simultaniously, I need that ram.

I sitll want to crossfire my 5770s just because it looks cool, but its not practical. I have a lot of space in my case though.

READ THIS: If I did just so happen to crossfire do you REALLY REALLY think it is that bad in the end? I get those texture errors in GTA IV like someone mentioned with my 1 5770 already so..
I just want to delay my buying of another video card for a few years, but is the suttering THAT bad? like how bad is it?!?!?
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