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My System Specs


I would hazard a guess that the pumps would be eerily similar in the Antec unit and the Corsair H50 unit.
It's practically the same mounting and rad (reviewer even mentions he had to do a double take to make sure he's recording the right units)

When you take into consideration that you don't know his testing methodology, there could be a huge variance in his results. Did he mount the block three times and take an average? Did the room temperature stay consistent? His overclock numbers look weird 1.45V for 3.6Ghz? I assume a c0?
The only difference I see in the Antec vs Corsair are the supplied fans.. which a lot of people pick-and-choose anyways.

I would assume the pumps make the same amount of noise - but we can't know this for sure.. because they were testing the entire noise of the system.
We still haven't seen numbers for the H60.. but I would be hopeful that the H60 > H70 - but who knows.

If I were to get a pre-filled liquid cooled kit now, i'd just pick up an H70 and be done with it. And you might want to look at replacing the fans too.

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