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My System Specs


Originally Posted by ipaine View Post
Why is it that as soon as I have a 580 do all these other more powerful cards show up?!?

Ok, I know they are all dual GPUs but still I was looking forward to for once having the top card, at least for a little while. But no, it will be delivered tomorrow and now it is like in third place after the 6990 and the 4602WIN. And then will be in fourth after the 590 shows itself.
you still have the best single GPU and don't ever have to worry about lack of SLI support or anything!


Well, now we know for 100% that the dual EVGA card that was 'rumoured' to be something is just dual GTX 460s like I though. Dual 560s would have been great, but I guess that the process of designing a dual GPU takes so long that they started this well before the 5xx refresh.

Dunno what nvidia will do.. they have released a $800+ card before and I can see ~$850 as the limit only because of the 6990 at $700. As for power consumption, the 580 has a TDP of 244, which would max out at 488 for two cards, or probably 450w will be the actual cap (like the 5990).

Still the 6970s used in the 6990 actually have HIGHER TDP by about 6w than the 580, so if ATI can power a dual card, so can nVidia.

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