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My System Specs


I have gone from:
1x 5770
2x 5770
1x 5870
1x 5850

2x 5770 is NOT good for gaming imo. Tons of stuttering, doesn't matter how well you install and clean your drivers. Went from 10.3 to 10.8 at that time, and not a single improvement in any of the driver updates.

1x 5770 ran just as well as 2x 5770 in some games. In some games, 2x 5770 will double the framerates. But all that performance is NOTHING when you get stutters and even messed up textures in some games like GTA4.

Going from 2x 5770 to 1x 5870 was like night and day. Games feel so much smoother, i can't believe i adapted to the mini stutters when i was using 2x 5770.

When i found someone to buy my 5870 for nearly $450, i went and bought a reference 5850 for $160 off CL and overclocked it past 5870 speeds at stock voltage. With the overclocked 5850, i get only 1-2 fps less than the 5870 in the games i play: L4D2, Crysis, MW2 (maxed out FPS no matter what) and others.
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