Thread: 5850 or 6870?
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Thanks for the response, except It looks funky if you have 2 different video cards LOL. I dont mind spending the extra 20 bucks on it lol.

What I meant by render as one screen is, that because I have 1 screen I dont want one video card to be dedicated to that one screen, I want both video cards to be dedicated to both screens.

It'd be a waste to buy a 5770 for a small 19" secondary monitor that doesnt ever have a game on-screen LOL.

Think of it this way will my crossfired 5770s work the same way as my single 5770 creating a single image of both screens, or will one video card take over one screen and the other take over the other screen?

I just want to make sure that I dont waste my money on something that wont work properly...
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