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Default Terrible experience - highly unrecommended!

I just ordered a replacement laptop batt for my HP dv7 laptop. I paid extra for expedited shipping and it arrived on time. When I plugged it in, it wouldn't charge and my HP batt dianostic software said the batt was a dud. When I contacted Battdepot, they said it happens all of the time because vendors often lock their hardware to only use OEM parts. I didn't know that I had ordered a refurb or generic batt... the site doesn't really state that so this was all news to me (in fact: I looked up my batt model # and they bought the adwords link for "HP Laptop Battery"... but they don't have HP batteries... a little bit misleading, no?!)

So now, needing a battery immediately, I'm left with a useless battery, I have to PAY to ship it back and PAY for the shipping here so I'm down $30 AND I've been majorly inconvenienced with this week long delay (plus I have to wait until they receive/process my battery before I get my credit...if I get my credit).

I wrote in multiple times asking to have a manager contact me and they repeatedly respond with copy / paste answers like - 'how to cycle your battery' (even tho I told them in my email that my comp doesn't even recognize it at all)...

These guys have terrible customer service and if there is a problem - you can't count on them to fix it. They want to make a quick buck so if you buy from them, you can know what you might expect.

Also, I saw on another forum that a bunch of people have had similarly bad experiences ( a Canadian source for laptop batteries and adapters at Canadian Tech Deals, Canadian Electronics Deals, Canadian Technology Deals, Canadian Electronic Deals)... wish I would've checked around more before buying (but I was in a hurry...).

Take Care!

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