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Default Reservoirs/Pumps: Need a little bit of help...

Okay, so i get paid next week
I want to finish my rig off with watercooling, the loop will have...
CPU > RAM > EVGA 4-Way > 360 Rad >

I know what pump to get and it will be this - Laing DDC-Pump 12V DDC-1Plus (MCP 355)

Is it better to have this res - XSPC Single 5.25" Bay Reservoir (Alu Front) - 5060175580962 or this one XSPC Acrylic Dual 5.25 Reservoir for Two Laing DDC's

If i use the duel bay would the pump block still be needed ? EK-DDC X-TOP V2 - Acetal G1/4 Its good to have a custom block, what should i go for ?

Note: I will be adding another GPU loop in a few months time aswell.

I have never did water cooling before and i cant google this anwser thanks guys.
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