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Alright guys I popped open a couple computers and here's what I got:

E2200 Allendale 2.2GHz, Dual Core CPU (LGA 775) with stock heatsink / fan
2x 1 gb no name ram sticks at 667 mhz
This setup is running on a no name mobo that has room for two more ram sticks and what seems to be a 16x PCI lane and two 8x lanes.
200 gb western digital hard drive.
No name 350W PSU.

In a really old gaming rig the only thing worth salvaging was the video card, it's a 5700 LE 256 MB nvidia card with a DVI connection.

If I popped the video card in the above mentioned rig would that be enough to stream 1080p on a 37" TV? I'm gonna try it anyways but i'm hopping so.

Before I decide to go ahead and buy some parts, if any are needed, I wanna test this out and see how well it works. For the time being seeing as storage capactiy would be an issue, I'm just gonna network the PC and use storage from my main computer.
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