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Default Running dual GPU in non SLI not worth it.

I recently installed a 570 GTX. I thought I'd keep one of my old 260's as a dedicated physx card. Turned off SLI (no option for it, removed the link), selected the 260 as the sole physx card. Also set it as the dedicated cuda gpu in 3d preferences.

I actually get a few fps less in benchmarks (Metro 2033, Just cause 2, 3dmark11,Crysis 2 mp)than I do with the just single 570. Even if I crank up the physx options where available.

The unigine Heaven benchmark really tanks with 2 cards, 42 fps with the 260 and 63fps without.

My guess is there is just too much bus overhead to make it worthwhile. The unigine bench is just plain confused.
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