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Originally Posted by draemn View Post
That is the 'eyefinity' project monitor in my op, but thanks for taking the time to try and find me some links. It was and may be on sale (again) for $1600 at one point.

Edit: turns out you can buy them individually for about $420-$450 each Samsung SyncMaster MD230 23in Widescreen LCD Monitor w/ HAS, Multi-Display Ready at Memory Express Computers

I can't seem to figure out if they come with a stand or not... because to put 3 together would add another $250-300 for a proper bracket/stand thing, which would bring the price back up to $1600.
Doubt it comes with any stand. The only people who would buy that would be ones who are creating a video-wall of sorts and using their own mounting contraption.

Best just to buy the package IMO. Though software should be able to help correct the bezel size so it looks more natural and really, you'll only be staring at the middle screen when gaming. The side screens are more just for your peripheral view. And for typical desktop programs, you'd likely have separate windows on each screen anyways, so again the bezels wouldn't matter much.
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