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Originally Posted by Luay79 View Post
I wouldn't worry about the noise and heat as custom designs such as MSI's twin FrozrIII and Asus' Direct CUII will tame this beast.

I must say I found all the reviews of this card on a single display to be a total waste of everyone's time. I am only looking at 5670x1080 as minimal requirement for this card.
Totally agreed there. But a Non-reference 6990? You must be joking... I don't even think they made a non-ref 5970 after all this time (save the Aries, but thats just silly)... Kindof depressing really. Even just trying to find the 6970 DirectCU2 has been a hassle, although Newegg has it in stock finally. For my setup though, its really hard to figure out if 2x OC'd DCu2 6970s will be enough... Bah. Must read more reviews before i decide (and sell lots of stuff to afford it lol)

Originally Posted by SKYMTL View Post
I actually saw some reviews which only went up to 1920 x 1200 / 4xAA. At that point, you may as well not even bother testing this card. But then again, some sites will do anything for an increase in traffic....
Totally agreeing with you there Sky. If anyone picks up this card for a single lil monitor then they're only after bragging rights because a card at half the price (like the 6970) will handle all games at that res. with smooth framerates. This card is for the 30'' panel guys and Eyefinity guys in essence.
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