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Heat exhausting out the back = Still don't like that idea at all, I'll wait for more reviews on it.
At least with the cores being spaces so far apart (to the edges of the card even) the heat of the cores themselves seem very well managed.

Performance, yes it's slightly behind a pair of 6970s. But, we all have to remember that a 5970 wasn't even close to Xfire 5870s last time around, so thats a good improvement IMO. Also, at $700 the price is on par with two 6970s.

So why get this card? Simple. If noise isn't your greatest concern, a you need maximum performance, you get one of these. Then later on, you get a second one for Quadfire. You're paying to have the performance (almost) of two 6970s in half the space. Simple as that.

Now, my biggest question is, do I get one of these and do the Quadfire thing down the road, or get two 6970s and OC the crap out of them and be happy... 5600x1200 is alot of pixels i want to push. Hmmm... Must read more reviews first
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