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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Addictedtokaos View Post
Ive been using ATI for the last 3 years. They been great, lower power consumption, only suggestion is dont always jump to apply the latest driver update. Give it some time to circulate and get the general concensus before installing it yourself. AMD/ATI have had a few dudes over the last year or so.

And Yes, if you want to plug an HDMI cable to DVI than that will work. Obviously you will not get the Audio via DVI adapter.
I was just about to make the purchase of the ATI card, then it hit me, I don't think my PSU can't handle it......

I would like some opinions, do I need a new PSU? I posted my system in post #15 here
replace the vid card with this ATI, add a USB scanner and 5 case fans and some extra room for external HDD's now and then. I wonder if I need a 550w or 600w. I just bought the one I have, maybe i should give up on upgrading and stay with what I have....
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