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Originally Posted by 4DoorGTZ View Post
In regards to my 2 post above problem. It seems that the only problem is a stuck unitinfo file, sometime it goes a whole wu while utilizing the start time/date of the previous. Nothing else is effected, it crunches fine, completes fine. Just messes up the pts calculation until the next unit, or until I pause, delete unitinfo and unpause.
That's a bit odd since the Tracker should be using starttime.txt to determine the WU start time. The only time unitinfo.txt is used is when the Tracker can't get % complete from FAHlog.txt. I originally did this to get around the time in unitinfo.txt not matching the local time.

The reason I haven't been able to fix this problem is that the only cause I have been able to confirm is stopping or pausing a client after it reaches 100% but before it uploads the WU. Upon restart it will start a new WU and won't exit when it finishes uploading the completed WU. This causes the Tracker to completely miss the completed WU. The result is that the starttime.txt isn't updated resulting in incorrect PPD calculations.

If you are getting this issue and you know the above scenario isn't the cause I would need more info to fix it. I have yet to see this behavior on any of my computers running the Tracker with the exception of the above case.
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