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Default Formatting a HDD

Alright so I decided to go ahead and put to use a 250 gb western digital HDD sitting in an old computer that wasn't being used. When I went into the disk management program to wipe the drive and format it I realized there was an OEM partition on the drive. This drive came from an older dell PC my sister used to use and so I'm guessing that partition had an image of the OS when it left the factory for recovery purposes. I followed this guide How to delete OEM Partition | Jared Heinrichs in order to delete thinking I'd be able to access the extra otherwise unusable space but now as far as I can tell it's gone for good.

There's two comments further down stating: "Unfortunately no it does not automatically add the now free space to the primary partition. You would need to use a partitioning program like Partition Magic. I’ve never tried this program but have heard great reviews on it. Partition Logic | Home If you use it let me know. It’s a free alternative"


"just wanted to add that after you do the diskpart…you go back into disk management and right click on the main partition (you will see unallcoated partion you just overrided) and select extend volume…. it will then walk you through it to reclaim that space into 1 partition…"

But neither of these options have worked for me! Here's an image of what the drive looks like in disk management, it's disk 1. If you look closely you can see that there's a bit of "missing" space at the end of the horizontal bar. ImageShack® - Online Photo and Video Hosting

If anyone has any experience with this the help would be greatly appreciated. If not, oh well, it's 18 gigs I wasn't going to be able to use anyways!
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