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Is HWC going to have the stats page again? And will it be able to tell us who is winning while the race is on or do we have to wait untill the race is over to find out what happened? sounds complicated to keep track of.
even though the CC is to help F@H in May when its starting to warm up, Its only going to give people a reason NOT to fold that extra rig during Feb/March/April when the weathers cold, Strategy is a big part of winning any race, the best way now for a team to win the CC is not to fold before the race so their team ppd is way lower than what it should be. Bionic and Crunch and Seti are going to get more people than F@H for those months. I dont like it but I'll live with it. Plus with these rules teams cant do battle for 3 months before the CC or it would look like cheating( Boosting their PPD while lowering ares).
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