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Default Potential Chimp Challenge 'Finish Line'

Here is a copied and pasted post from the CC captain's forum. Look slike right now this is as close to the CC 'finish line' as there will be.
Just been sat thinking, hows about this I just thought of - a one or two week drag race making as much PPD as possible in a set time frame with a deductible percentage based on the points produced from 3 months, I will use Dec, Jan and Feb as examples although I know we don't have Feb stats yet so I made them up! The average points are then worked out and 1% will grant you 1 chimp point, 2 random team examples:

EVGA - Dec: 444,136,941 Jan: 492,405,716 Feb: 476,616,633 making the average of those 3 months = 471,053,096
1% average of that is 4,710,530 which is worth - 1CP (CHIMP POINT)

MaxPC - Dec: 123,616,586 Jan: 140,863,169 Feb: 122,323,665 making the average of those 3 months = 128,934,473
1% average of that is 1,289,344 which is worth - 1CP (CHIMP POINT)

So say we have a 2 week drag race and EVGA do 242,000,000 and MaxPC do 68,000,000 points in that time, divide them by there 1% point scores as above making -

EVGA: 242,000,000 / 4,710,530 = 51.3 CHIMP POINTS
MaxPC: 68,000,000 / 1,289,344 = 52.7 CHIMP POINTS

MaxPC wins!
Looks like it will be a one week drag race, and the team with the most CC 'points' will win. A point will be based on an average PPD for a competing team.

I have to make sure that the captains know that our typical output is around 2 million, as I don't want those folding for NCIX to artificially drive down our PPD, making it easier for us to win.

Just wanted to let everyone know what the likelihood is of the rules this year. If you see a glaring problem with this let me know, but right now this looks to be the method used to determine a winner.
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