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Default New to HTPC -> Questions!

So I have a bunch of older PC's and parts laying around the house collecting dust and started thinking to myself it might be cool to put them to use and make a dedicated HTPC. I've looked through a couple "guides" there's a couple questions that come to mind.

Why would anyone bother building a HTPC when the guides are recommending builds that vary anywhere between 1000 and 1500 bucks worth of parts. That's insane!

What's the point of a TV tuner card? Often times in the suggested builds the most expensive part seems to always be the tuner card usually at anywhere between 300 and 400 bucks. From my understanding this card allows the PC to receive a TV signal so that I can watch my, for example, bell satellite tv and also record anything I watch. Not really seeing the point of blowing that much cash when years back my dad got the tivo version of the satellite box that has 50 hours worth of space and if I remember correctly it only cost 100 dollars over the free non tivo default model.

And lastly I'm wondering if on board graphics are enough to watch 1080p on an older model CPU (honestly have no clue which ones came in the dell pc's my dad bought a year ago), or would I need to buy a graphics card. We have a 37 " tv.
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