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Default file transfer speed issue - need help SOLVED

Hi everybody,

I recently bought a D-Link DIR-655 Gigabit wireless router for use in my home network which consists of 2 computers both equipped with Gigabit network adapters. Both computers are wired to the router via CAT6 patch cables and set to auto negotiation. Both computers are running Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit.

When I transfer files between computers, one is transfering at a speed between 91 and 122 MBps (that's Mega bytes, not mega bits) while the other only transfers at 3 to 4 MBps.

If I bypass the router and instead connect the two computers using a CAT6 crossover cable, then both computers transfer files at the 91 to 122Mbps speed range.

I've researched slow transfer speed issues and have experimented with enabling and disabling the networks adapter settings. I've tried switching cables, switching ports on the no avail.

Could anyone help me troubleshoot this?

Thank you.

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