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Default UPS Gouges Canadians

Sadly, Corsair does not offer any option other than UPS for shipping at this point. This makes shipping a tiny PCB cost several times the cost of the part, which makes it a non-starter for me. I've e-mailed Corsair to enquire if they plan to offer these upgrades through their Canadian retailers, or if they will add USPS as a shipping option. Using USPS, it would cost a couple of bucks to ship this part, as opposed to the $39 UPS wants.

UPS charges outrageous "brokerage fees" for anything they ship across the border. This is especially sickening when the part is duty free under NAFTA, in which case UPS simply gouges their Canadian customers with non-negotiable fees. Personally, I will NEVER use UPS again after they ripped me off the first time, and then explained it away with a reference to the small print buried deep on their website "informing" customers of this unethical cash grab.

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