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Default HAF 932 wc project and I need advices

Ok I don't know if I'm at the right place for my questions, because it's case, aircooling and watercooling related LOL!

Ok I have a work in progress watercooling my 2600k in a HAF 932 case. I'm not in a hurry, because I'm waiting new B3 motherboard. Here is the cooling setup:

Case: HAF932 (nice case with a lot of fans included!)
Watercooling: Swiftech MCP320 radiator with 3X 120mm fan Scythe S-Flex
Swiftech mcp-655 pump
Swiftech Apogee XT CPU waterblock

Ok what I've done right now I removed the top 230mm fan and putted the radiator on the top of the case (in the inside of course) and now this is where my questions begin:

1) What would be the best fan flowing direction if I don't want a lot of dust inside? Right now I installed the 3X fans on the radiator pulling air outside the case (so the top is an exhaust). The front 230mm fan still is placed as intake, the 230mm side panel fan is an intake too and the 140mm fan in the back is exhaust. In that manner, do I have a positive pressure inside the case or negative one?

I still have another scythe 120mm S-Flex unused, would it help putting in as an intake on the floor?

Edit: I forgot to add, I have an unused Dtek Fuzion waterblock and could be able to fit it on my GTX 460. Is it a good or bad idea to add this to the loop?

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