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My System Specs


BitComet is a great Torrenting engine....provided you have a high Rank as it will give you priority over lesser ranks.

However I would not recommend BitComet unless your planning on doing some serious DL. I only use it because my Brother-in-law has been on it for years and I use his password which enables me (seeds providing) DL of 6000 KB/s. My connection allows for 3 Mb/s UL & 50 Mb/s DL.

The Firewall/Port Forwarding is straight is Helpful.

Static IP--Yes you can, Start by Googling "Static IP Windows (whatever you have)".

There are numerous easy to follow tutorials online.

If you stay with BitComet share your password with some friends to help your rank, set your upload limit to 25 KB/s (min seed limit required to gain EXP).
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