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Originally Posted by sswilson View Post
Damn, that's a nice clean install!!! (10 minutes running around here and the dust bunnies would be attacking it!!! :) ).

Is the fan control POT stock the way you have it, or is that something you modded up yourself?
TY, all!

Yes it is stock, they come that way these days, at leastthey did about a year ago.

The BT is actually my bench cooler -- HSPC Tech Station. I got it because it'll fit damn near anything, and is easy to install. I haven't needed it for a while, and it was already on the A8N32, so I thought I'd leave it there for now and swap it for a Freezer when I do need it.

Not real happy about the look of it in that case, the side panel fan detracts from it. It suits the MB and ram, just not the case when the side panel is on.

That case is a dust trap, you should see it after a month of running. It's a sign of good airflow. No dust? No airflow! One of the reasons I want to hang on to my P180, is the dust filters work like a hot damn!

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