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Default New USB 3.0 Internal I/O will be available in all new CM cases in 2011

I can pass some inside information to HWC regarding the new USB 3.0 internal connector. As of last year HAF X was the first case with USB 3.0, but of course the only solution was an external connector. Now with the P67 chipset, Cooler Master has had early access to the proper internal pin specifications. Cooler Master chassis will be the first in the market to have a full line of native USB 3.0 support. No more clumsy stretching an extension cable. While other manufacturers are only now including these USB 3.0 updates that only support rear backplates, CM will have the best solution brought to market on time for the P67 sandybridge B3 refresh.

This Q2 2011, Cooler Master will bring true USB 3.0 i/o support to all newly released chassis. This includes the new Storm mid tower, the new Silent M and others. In every Cooler Master case where USB 3.0 is an available feature, Cooler Master will have the internal connector with support for 1 x or 2 x ports. Expect supply of the new chassis to arrive beginning April, without a noticeable price increase.

Q2 will also bring USB 3.0 Internal to:
- 3 of the HAF series chassis
- A separate 5.25" 2 port adapter for all other chassis will be available from the CM store

You can let your friends know that CM will bring tech to the market first. But, if you have an AMD or non P67 type chipset, you won't be able to take advantage of our I/O.
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