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Exclamation !

Originally Posted by SKYMTL View Post
Nice. Let us know how everything goes with it. :D
omfg guys,

the 9800 GX2's awsome power burnt out my board. I cant' really explain it, but the board was fine with my e8400 at 4.3gz 1.56v for a long time, until i installed the card.

windows was showing signs of failure, things were sticking to the desktop and then randomly, flunk! the system shuts down.

The mobo was showing the red LED indicating power was going through the mobo, but it would not boot. I would get a half second of power and fan spinning and that's it.

I tried many many things, all the things any tech would try, and the conclusion was a burnt capacitor.

So anyone with a budjet board that's labled "platinum performance for budjet price!" beware....the 9800 gx2 does not FUX AROUND!

So now i have a GA-EP35-DS3P and everythign seems good, oc'ing the cpu all over again ^.^

In the end, the 9800 GX2 will burn out budjet boards.
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