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I am not sure if this is allowed, so please forgive me, but I am selling my system with an Antec Sonata III case for $250 and I am in Ottawa. I was hoping not to have to piece up my system but I have to get 25 posts on here to post the system up for sale. Frustrating.. Here is my system, If you take that video card of mine and put a new card like a 6850 in it ($170) then you will be able to play pretty much every game currently out on highest settings and at 1920x1080. Obivously not 60 fps for certain games (Metro/Crysis) but I have played Metro and Just Cause at the highest settings possible (with lowered AA) and it is quite smooth.

Anyways, if you are interested in my case/power supply let me know.


Sonata III Case - bought some extra fans to put in.

Antec Earthwathwatts 500W PS (came with case)

Asus P5K Motherboard

Intel e6550 3.2 GHZ

4 GB DDR2-800 RAM

320 GB WD 7200 RPM Hard drive (Vista Ultimate on it. Not sure how it works since this copy has my name attached to it no? I can wipe the hard drive. I am not even using it, it is sitting on my desk)

Arctic Silver Freezer 7 Pro

Nvidia GT 210 (Backup video card. Taking my video Card with me)

LG 22x DVD Drive

Microsoft Keyboard and Optical Mouse
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