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Hey guys, so after many months of waiting my house if finally done. We took possession of the house on Wednesday February 16. I bought the Epson 8700UB and a Dragonfly 100" 1.2 gain matte white screen the next day on February 17. After a lot of stuff to be moved and some essensial items completed I was finally able to built/mount the screen and mount the projector on February 24. I completed the connection of my AV components and speakers on February 25. My friends and I watched the live UFC event on February 26, I streamed online from UFC.TV and it looks amazing. I have displayed some kids cartoons on it for my one year old daughter and watched Die Hard on Blu-ray on Sunday. I've played a little Xbox 360 and it all looks fantastic in THX mode. my room has a stairway opening and lets light in during the day as well as two large above ground windows. I have put blackout curtains up to the windows, but even with lights on the THX image looks pretty good, albeit a little washed out. But my daughter still enjoyed it. I have about 14 hours on the lamp right now, I do notice some slight redness in the lower right corner, but it isn't much and was really only noticeable playing NHL 11 on the white ice.

So far I've done very little testing as I'm still unpacking and what not. I will say the convergence pattern on the Disney WOW dvd looks pretty good. I'm very happy so far overall. I'll post some in action pictures and test patterns later when I get more time to play.

In the mean time here are some photos of my room, please ignore the mess, especially behind the sofa. This (like the majority of my house) is still a work in progress.

My setup consists of:

Epson 8700UB Projector
Dragonfly 100" 1.2 gain matte white screen
Mustang Universal Flat Projector mount
Yamaha RX-V3900 AV Receiver
250GB Xbox 360S
320GB Slim PS3
White Wii
Toshiba A3 HD-DVD
Belkin PureAV PF60 power console
Energy C-500 fronts
Energy C-C100 center
Energy CR-10 side surrounds
Energy RC-Mini rear surrounds

I presently don't have a dedicated HT PC and don't know I want/need one. I used my Alienware M11x to stream HD video so far and it works great, even 1080p youtube content looks awesome. The yellow wires you see are ethernet and hdmi for my laptop. I also have a media center IR connection for remote control and a bluetooth keyboard and mouse. It worked great so far.

(I was going to use Energy C-200 bookshelf speakers for side or rear but they were too big and difficult to find mounts so I bought CR-10's for the sides and couldn't be happier with them)

The stand under my center has two components in it now but they won't be staying there. There will be know components in this stand. The shelfs in the middle will hold my game controllers and the side doors open to media shelfs that hold 212 DVD's so I'll be storing all my video games in that. I plan on getting wall mounted shelfs to store all my DVD/HDDVD/BLURAY. I am waiting on two red leather sofa's, I was suppose to have them but Sears messed up. they will be going in and the brown sofa comes out.

Please let me know what you think.

Main seating area is 16' and the projector throw distance is 17' 4". my second sofa will be on the side wall and will not as good for watching but this is more a multi purpose room than a dedicated HT room.
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