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This system for my youngest daughter is just about finished. Her trusty old Socket 754 system just wasn't cutting it anymore. She's into youtube, aim and msn chat, maplestory, skype, ventrillo, and music & videos. Nothing demanding for an A64-2800 Clawhammer, OC to 2.6ghz of course, a decent gig of ram and a potent AGP vid card... except that she does it all at the same time!

Actually, it ran fine, just slow to boot up lol. It was just that her hard drive kept filling up, too many of her home made movies I guess. I briefly considered adding another drive to her s754, but...

I just happened to have a spare A8N32SLI lying around, sort of fell out of the Silverstone I used in my previous post hehheh.

Has an A64-3800 Venice in it, that'll do 2.7ghz on stock volts, and did over 3ghz in a DFI Ultra D. Not a dual core, but I have one I can use if necessary, X2-3800 Manchester that has yet to be touched by electricity!

I didn't have a 1GB kit avail to use, so opted for 4 x 256mb PC4000 that I had, and actually get some nice bandwidth even considering 2T timing. Their copper heatspreaders blend nicely with the BT and Asus's heatpipes.

Her original case, a Logisys W51 I got them years ago for Xmas, along with the Clawhammer and an ECS mobo. It's actually a decent case function-wise, just don't use the PSU that comes with them, and keep a good quality first-aid kit around because the razor sharp edges can cut you to the bone. I still have no hair on my right arm, from when it shaved it off as I was routing things! I didn't even know, and wondered where all the hair all of a sudden came from inside the case. Couple days later, I noticed my arm, and it clicked!

I just have to migrate her files (get her off my PVR unit!), sleeve the PSU, check a few things, and install her various devices (webcam, etc).

System Specs:
Asus A8N32SLI Deluxe
AMD A64-3800 Venice 2.4ghz
w/ Thermaltake Big Typhoon
4 x 256MB Shikatronics Shika-XRam PC4000 (Hynix D43)
MSI GeForce 6600GT 128MB DDR3
Hitachi 7K160 Sata2 160gig Hard Drive
Creative SB Live!
Fortron Sparkle 400W Power Supply
Logisys W51B Case w/ window
2x 120mm Cooler Master LED fans: one IN, one OUT
80mm Cooler Master LED side panel fan as IN

eVGA 680i SLI (A1) P31
Intel Q6700 Kentsfield | Scythe Ninja-B | Antec Tri-Cool 80cfm
4GB (4x1024MB) Corsair Dominator 8500
boot: 4x WD Caviar SE16 250gb SATA2 Raid-0
backup: Seagate 500gb 32mb SATA2
eye: eVGA 9800GTX+ SC 512mb 770/2.25ghz
candy: Samsung 940B-HAS | X-Fi XMusic | Pioneer DVR-212D SATA
juice: PC Power & Cooling 750Quad | Cooler Master HAF932
steering: Logitech G15 & G5 | E3D Pro/Momo Wheel | X-530's

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