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Default buying motherboard help

hi there people
was on the way to build a new pc piece by piece
i already brought
-ocz 700w powersupply
-g skill 4gb ram drr3
-tower case/cosair
-amd phenom x2 cpu
now kinda having tough time which board is to pick
option 1
-Gigabyte 890GPA-UD3H 890GX AM3
or option 2
should i just wait for the new board, am3 to arrive. (rumor Q211) since those two boards above is like a year old boards now.
or option 3
get any of this two boards and just get a new one when am4 arrives
if you asked me i can definitely wait for am3+ mobo since i got a laptop,and i think it close from being release?i am really in the ropes right now, any suggestion would be great
let me know what you think guys
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