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My System Specs


Well if you boot that recovery disk off a USB drive, also copy the firmware update and tool onto the USB as well.

Then once you boot off the USB, you'd follow this:
2. Select repair computer, then select command prompt.
3. Once at the command prompt type "Diskpart"
4. At the new Diskpart prompt type "List Volume"
5. Displayed on the screen will show the various drive letters available, one of them will be your USB stick. Note its drive letter.
6. Type "Exit" at the Diskpart prompt.
7. Now type <DriveLetter>and then a colon ( : ) where <DriveLetter> is the letter from step 5.
8. Now type "ssdupdate" that you put on the USB stick and you will see everything as above.
9. Once complete, the system will reboot automatically.
Guide Sandforce Firmware update 1.29
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