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My System Specs


Originally Posted by DrJohnFever View Post

DDR = Double Data Rate. CPU-Z shows real frequency, not the doubled rate.
Ahh I see, well good cuz that gave me a scare lol

As for the overclocking it went well. I was able to hit 5 ghz butnas soon as I did I had to leave for the evening. So tomorrow I hope to be able to stabilize everything. All I had to do to hit 5 was just reduce my load line calibration and actually reduce my volts slightly. Tomorrow I'm gonna try downing the volts little by little, cuz at max load it goes up to 1.42 volts. It's at 1.2 at idle.

Very happy that I hit 5 though. Seems like I got lucky and got a good 2500k. I'll save my 5 ghz bios as a profile in my bios and probably run at a tamer 4.4 for general use
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