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Default i5 2500K @ 4.8 GHz oddities

I am a pretty amateur overclocker, and this is the first time I've really taken it seriously, so I'm trying to hit 5 Ghz on my 2500k with AsRock P67 Professional (basically has all the bells and whistles for OC'ing)

I haven't currently went for the 5 Ghz run yet as I'm getting some strange things happening at 4.8 Ghz. It appears to be quite stable as I've survived probably a dozen reboots and about 2 hours of Prime95, as well as multiple SuperPi runs, but Prime95 is giving me issues.

my current settings are:
Multiplier @ 48
Speedstep (turbo) off
CPU current limit @ 300
CPU core volts bumped +0.195
RAM downclocked to DDR3 1600 (from 2133) (altho CPU-Z is reporting it only at 800 MHz) @ 9-11-9-28
Thermal throttling off
everything else on auto

According to CPU-Z it's only loading the CPU up to around 4 GHz, it'll hop around between 39-42 multiplier. Temps aren't the issue, my V6GT is keeping me at 68c max under load, and a 29c idle. Weird thing though is that SuperPi will load it up right to 4.8 Ghz on any size run I try.

Should I just disregard it and carry on with my march to 5 GHz or is it showing instabilities already? And I'm concerned about the RAM, why CPU-Z is only reporting 800 Mhz. Stock its DDR3 2133 9-11-9-28. Prime95 is 64 bit version 2.65
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